Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday with Bob and Josh

So we (Bob, Josh, and myself) decided to float the St. Croix river and fish for smallies. It was a nice sunny day, mid 80's, and 7 miles of river we floated. Josh caught the only fish, a 21-incher only 10 minutes into a 6- hour float. Action was slow, and no one we ran into was having any luck either so it wasn't that we forgot how to fish or had too many beers. It was nice day to be out with friends regardless. This was Josh's biggest smallie he has caught so he was pretty pumped about that. Congrats Josh! The highlight for me was to see a five foot sturgeon in a foot of water as I stripped my fly in front of it, it turned away and bolt off as I'm pretty sure it wasn't happy with us about to float over it with the drift boat.