Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yesterday, Jen and I stopped by The Fly Angler to spend some dollars as part of personal economic stimulus package to pick up some tying stuff and check on the boys. Bryan was there and the store was busy, which made me happy. I gotta make sure that my fly shop survives these stormy economic times.

Later on in the evening, I started to do a little straighting out of the fly tying room around 9pm, and decided I was done around 2:30am or so. I guess I just got into a grove, but I got a lot of organizing and clean up done even though it doesn't look much different.

Today, I actually spent some time tying some midges. I had the iPod going, a nice cup of tea, and the company of the cat. I also assembled a couple dozen flies that I will deliver to Andy of the St. Paul Fly Tiers who is collecting flies from the club to be donated to the Hiawatha chapter of Trout Unlimited for part of their annual Conservation Banquet (to be held March 28th, 2009 at the Radisson Hotel in Rochester). I spent a majority of the day in the tying room and it was exactly what I needed. I may get some more tying done as we have a company holiday tomorrow for Presidents day, but I have a lot to do for work so I plan on doing that for awhile from home. Overall a nice weekend with the misses and I hanging around home made for a nice rested weekend.

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