Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hanging around.

So I opted to stay home this weekend instead of steelheading for two reasons.  First, I needed another appointment with the Chiropractor.  Second, I wanted to attend a friend of mines' surprise birthday.  In between the two, I had six hours to kill.

So as I left the Chiropractor, the truck just drove all by itself to the Fly Angler instead of going home.  Mike was at the shop, pretty much running it all by himself.  So I pulled up a chair at the rod building table and was offered a cup of coffee.  Clients came and went, I chatted with some about fishing and others about the fly rods they were looking at.  In between, Mike and I got to catch up on the past couple of months stuff as well as talk about a potential salt water trip.  Two hours into my visit, Jenny calls me up.  Hm, I wasn't sure how this was going to go over, but I answered and she said she would come up to the shop to join us.  I am on my third copy of coffee at this point and was enjoying chilling out.  I mean really, if ya aren't out fishing, hanging out at the fly shop, posing as the fly shop dog is a good second best thing.  Jen joined us shortly after our call with her Caribou Coffee in hand. 

More customers were coming and going, so I fitted Jen with some Sims breathable waders and Chota wading boots.  She said she had enjoyed our summer trips and was really looking forward to doing more.  So what the heck.  We dipped into our respective minnow funds to finance her new gear.  I am sure she will be happy with it and spend some time in them soon.

We hung out for a little while longer then we had headed for home to grab a quick lunch and the directions to the party.  It was a good way to spend five hours to avoid all the nags of home, without going too far away from home.  And I am pretty sure Mike appreciated us hanging around, with the added contribution we made to the stores profit margin for the day.

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