Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Official News Report..........

My wife's life is about to change.  Tonight, after a bad day of work, she bought a new fly rod (Sage Flight 5wt) and a reel (Ross CLA 2) and Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX fly line (WF-Floating) from The Fly Angler.  Guess the house will never look the same as she will be out on the river with me...for the most part.  She already has  found a substitute for me as she has set up a tentative fishing date with a friend while I am out on vacation fishing in Montana.  I know Right!  Good by old life, goodbye semi-clean house, helllllllloooooo FISHies!!!  I'm so proud.  Unless of course she makes a habit out of catching trophies.  Then we may have to have a little chat for my ego's sake.  ;) 

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