Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jen does it again!

Last weekend Jen and I headed up to Peter's cabin to meet up with boys.  The boys being the same ones I went fly fishing in Mexico with a couple years back (Peter, Mike, and David).  With some planning and working around everyone's schedule we were able to get everyone together for a mid summer bass weekend.

 Everyone arrived Friday evening and we were all energized and had some catching up to do.  It was great to see everyone together.  Some beverages and stories were exchanged and few hours later we had a "game plan" formulated for the next day and then we headed off to bed.

 Saturday we loaded up the canoe and removed the motor from the john boat after breakfast, then headed over to our launch on the Chippewa river.  Jen, Mike and David started down river in the John boat, while Peter and I got our lines wet just up river for a few minutes before drifting down.  We floated for a couple of hours, had a break for lunch and then resumed fishing.  The flavor of the day seemed to be poppers of whatever color, except for Jen.  She caught, landed and released her first smallie on a rabbit strip lead eyed streamer.  The smile in her picture says it all!  This was her first time fishing for them and her first time floating down a river.  So it was a pretty fun day for her.  

At the end of the float we had a few sprinkles and just as we got every thing packed up, the rain started up for the rest of the evening.  Great timing on our part!  
We headed on back to the cabin.  When the rain subsided, we grabbed the fly rods and fished the lake for a couple of hours.  After sunset, we had a great spaghetti dinner and shared some fun stories.

Sunday, the boys headed out after some great blueberry pancakes to the lake to fish for some pike and bass, while Jen and I stayed in.  I ended up injuring my back the day before while rushing to get the canoe on top of the Yukon and was dealing with the consequences.  They had some luck, and after a good power nap was ready for the drive home.

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