Saturday, August 11, 2012

General reminder, Trucks don't Float.

So I went did a float today with a buddy for smallmouth bass.  The day was perfect as far as the weather goes. But my day started out like this.
Alarm clock goes off.  Ok, time to shower.  Oh crap I forgot to pack a lunch.  Oh crap, I have a WI, MT, and CO fishing license, but no MN license.  I go online to take care of that.  Good.  Oh crap, I need gas.  Oh crap I need cash, ok, I can get cash when I get gas.  Good.  I fill up, get cash, oh crap.  I forgot my cell phone.  Normally not a big deal, but I was going to a place I wasn't sure I could find so I go back and the cell phone.  Good.  I get half way there and realize, oh crap I skipped breakfast with all the other oh-crap distractions.  Oh well.
I find our meeting place and from there we launch the boat and we are fishing.  In general the fishing was slow bu we both had several takes.  Enough to keep us engaged, but nothing to write home about.  A couple were even landed.
We saw probably the biggest beaver that I have ever seen!  And then it must not have liked that we disturbed his nap on the bank, and slid in the water ahead of us for long time, screwing up our fishing.  We hit the other bank after getting tired of his shenanigans. 
ok, fast forward and we see a guy who launched his boat at a landing....along with his truck.  No matter what happened today, our day was far better than his was.  the truck actually floated around the dock from the high side where the landing was to the low side of the dock.  As we drifted down, eventually all the truck sunk far enough down that the water was over the hood of it.  Here are some pictures and keep this in mind next time you think you are having a bad day.

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