Monday, November 17, 2008

Last weekend...

Friday night Jen and I headed up to Deer camp in Emily, MN to see the boys. As expected, everybody was there in various forms of tired happiness. Pinky, Craig and I stayed up late chatting away and catching up on the highlights of the past year. Everybody else pretty much was in bed by 11pm, while we called it quits just short of 1am.

Saturday the usual bustle started around 5am, people quietly getting themselves together for the day out in the woods. Jen and I hit the local cafe for a warm breakfast. It was pretty ok. I picked up a small game license and we drove down a couple of dirt roads looking for grouse before heading back to the cabin. When we got there it was empty and we indulged in some long and much needed naps. Feeling refueled, I grabbed the Over and Under 20 gauge, and took a stroll around Lee and Pa's woods. Later that night after returning back to camp without seeing anything to shoot at, Craig reported seeing four grouse, one of which clipped the stand he was in while flying by. Carmi reported seeing a grouse as well, giving her a good startle too. Dean-o shot a seven pointer bringing the camp deer count up to four (out of eight hunters).

After a very nice steak dinner, a little competitive game of TX No-Limit ensued. I made two big comebacks after nearly being pushed to the streets of loser-ville in both games only to come back and win with authority.

Sunday morning Jen and I packed up and headed back to do some work and harass our cat. The roads were icy and it added about 45 minutes to the trip which normally takes a little over 2 hours. Overall, it was a nice break from standing in 44 degree rivers the previous five out of eight weekends.

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