Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stinky Pinkys!

The original plan for this past weekend was to go to SE MN and go trout fishing with the club.  But, I was easily talked into going fishing on the North Shore by Jay and Ben as the pink salmon run was on!  

Long story short, we joined up with the Canadian, and Jay's crew (Adam, Jesse, and occasionally Tony) North of Duluth after having a great continental breakfast at the Lander B&B.  

Jen and I caught our first Pink Salmon, adding another species to our fish list.  We caught so many fish our arms were truly tired by the end of the weekend.  We are guessing that between just Jen and I, that we caught around one hundred pinks.  And I am pretty sure we were the slackers of the bunch.  Several times we had five of the six of us with fish on at once.  Total Craziness!

We had dinner Saturday night at the Gun Flint Tavern in Grand Marias with Tony, and then we camped ON the beach of Lake superior, set up tents in the dark, had some beer around the campfire and then woke up to a spectacular vista.  And then, more fishing.  In total, we fished five rivers over two days.


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