Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This last week of inland trout

With the streams being muddy last weekend, I had opted to socialize a bit.  Saturday morning I attended the annual Bamboo rod makers gathering in Martel, Wisconsin.  About 20 people or more came together for the event and the weather was great.  Met some new people and saw some old friends.  Steve Yasgur was on the grill serving up tasty burgers for everyone to add to the fun.

After spending most of the morning and early afternoon there, I moved on for a beer at my pub (The MainStreeter) in River Falls, WI before attending the Northern Driftless Area River Gala presented by Kinni Creek Lodge & Outfitters.  The hosts Paige OlsonBob White, Andy Roth, and Kip Vieth did an excellent job putting this together.  A special gift for all to enjoy at the event around the cozy campfire were many flavors and endless supply of beer provided by the Rush River Brewery.  That was fun sampling the various flavors they had to offer.  While this was only scheduled to go to 10pm, many hung around later then that sharing stories and laughs.

I have the next two days off for the last two days of inland trout season.  I plan to hit the road early and hope that the reports of clearing rivers in Wisconsin hold true, since SE MN is pretty much out of the question with the recent flood activity.  Some snacks, the tent, sleeping bag, fleece, waders, and a few maps are all packed up.  More importantly, I just hope to find some hungry trout and enjoy this great fall weather. 

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