Saturday, May 9, 2009

Evening Crappies

Today I had the chance to mess around with new camera. I was able to take pictures of geese, mallards, various finches, flowers etc.

Dad and I headed out in his boat around 6pm-ish for his spot he had for some crappies. We fished for about 20 minutes before we got our first bite, then things heated up. Besides getting our limit on crappies with in the following 1.5 hours, dad forgot we were fishing for crappies and also landed one smallllll bass, a 12" walleye, and something else that he lost before we could see what it was. We were using slip bobber's and minnows in about three to four feet of water.

We headed back to the dock at dusk, and fillet our crappies so that they will be ready to eat tomorrow. That should be tasty!

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