Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last minute decision

Starting Tuesday, my wife and I had several indecisive conversations about what to do with our three day Memorial weekend. Tonight we decided that we would go to Troutfest in Avalanche, WI and hang out with some people we know, and some we don't. I have been to the that part of the Wisconsin only once before. It was a rainy but incredibly scenic weekend.

So naturally, we want to leave right after work tomorrow for the three and a half hour drive so that we have a little light to set up our tent by. So I decided to skip tonight's Fly Tier's meeting and we went straight to work by unloading spinning gear and tackle boxes that were still in the Tahoe from the previous crappie fishing trip at the parents.

Jen made her fabulous peanut butter cheerio bars and packed clothes. I rounded up the camping gear, fly fishing gear, cameras, and checked the cat food supply. Baily is so not impressed that this will be our second long weekend in a row with out her. She'll get over it, she is a cat, and that's why we got her instead of a dog.

We made a trip up to the grocery store so that we would have some camping appropriate meals like canned beans, veggies, hash, and sandwich makings. After that, we hit Barnes & Nobel quick where Jen picked up a few books for the weekend.

We have a short list of things that we need to do tomorrow, like buying ice, Wisconsin Fishing License, getting cash, and we are set to head to the campground. The forecast does say that there is possibly rain on Saturday and Monday, but I am gambling that it won't be bad enough to spoil the weekend.

Have a great weekend everybody and tight lines to all!

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