Sunday, May 17, 2009

Turkey Hunting

The cast of characters:
My dad, my father-in-law (Martin), Jen's cousins husband (Steve), and myself.

So Thursday night on the way down to my in-laws, I get a call from Steve. He called to say that he had bagged a turkey with a bow! Dad was with him had got to see it. This was great news and gave me high hopes for the weekend hunt!

Friday morning:
We got up at some early hour, and headed out to the blinds. We saw a hen going along the edge and disappear in to the woods. A little later we saw another hen running across the field attacking a crow. That was odd. We then saw a hen and a tom down in the middle of the field. We tried to call them in, but the hen wanted nothing to do with us, and the tom was pretty much focused on the hen. They meandered to the opposite side of the field for some privacy, and that was the end of our morning hunt.

Friday evening came we were back in the blind but it was disrupted with someone who decided to disc the field that we were hunting over. We didn't see anything after that.

Saturday: Early morning we headed out to the blinds, the winds were heavy, and all life seemed to have vanished. There were no song birds, squirrels, turkeys or even field mice all morning. We saw one lonely hen in the far off distance in the woods and that was it for the whole morning.

After lunch we stopped in to see Grandma Ester at the nursing home and chatted for awhile and teased the other residents. It was a good time and Grandma seemed very happy to have had us drop in.
Saturday evening was even worse for activity, it was absolutely dead and winds were still strong and constant. With predictions of a very cold morning we decided to call it quits and pull the blinds.
Even though there was only one turkey bagged out of three hunters (the father in-law had already hunted earlier in the year), it was a good time. After dinner Steve and I enjoyed Spotted Cows, Naked Squirrels, and nice cigars out on the porch watching the star filled sky.
The family had breakfast together. The family being Dad, Jens parents, Steve & Rita, Jen and myself. Steve, Rita, and dad packed up and headed out after breakfast while Jen and I headed over to visit her grandma Edna. After a short visit we let her go back to sleep and we headed home to so that we could catch the Chicago/Detroit playoff hockey game.

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