Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nikon D60

While I was out in Montana on vacation, my buddy who owns Martie Motors in Zimmerman, MN sold my bass boat for me. I've been wanting something different for a while now, so I was happy to send it off to someone who will appreciate it more than I did. Only one hiccup so far, and that is the title I signed over was only for the boat, apparently there was one for the trailer too. So I'll have to straighten that out now for the new owner.

Part of the cash from the sale of the boat went to purchasing a new digital SLR, which I have been wanting to get for over three years now. The rest of the sale proceeds are going towards grown up stuff.

I am excited to start using my new Nikon D60 on my outdoor adventures, especially since I can use most of my lenses that I had bought for my other Nikon's (N80 and FM10). The best thing about the digital SLR for me is seeing the results instantly and making adjustments if needed. It is so nice for when you are taking a few shots in some place you know you will not be able to make it back to, and crossing your fingers that you got the shot. I so should have went to college for photography and writing. Then I could have been paid to travel around the globe, fly fishing, taking great photo's, and then write about the adventures.

It should be a fun summer learning and playing with the new purchase and a good excuse to leave the house for more often.


  1. You know it is not too late for a career change!

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