Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Windy day in paradise.

Temp: 82 F
Wind: 20-25 mph
Weather: Sunny

The Bob’s and I floated in the drift boat, with Rod in his kick boat from Afterbay to 3 mile today. Winds were strong and challenging today. No dry fly action to speak of, so we nymphed a couple open spots today. The first place we tried was uneventful, but the next spot fixed that. We got into a stretch of water that had a nice weed line and a couple of buckets. We all caught fish off of various midges, and landed mostly browns. I did have a couple of rainbows that I hooked and they took me for a ride and I was unsuccessful at landing them. They seemed to like the green weenie with a red midge dropper. We moved on and ended up at the Minnesota hole where we chatted with Brad who was hanging out with a fishing buddy (Dorothy). We headed back to camp for an afternoon break and a little lunch.

The wind died off considerably and we jumped into our waders and bolted down to a spot near the cottonwood hole. And there we were…it was so awesome. The four of us, armed with our dry fly rods, standing in line about 50 yards in between each of us in a straight line, knee deep in the river, facing up-stream. The sun was setting, we were covered in midges, and we all just stood there…rods ready in one hand, our chosen fly in the other, waiting…watching the rings, analyzing what we were seeing, and then one by one, we selectively chose our targets and played our game.

And while I didn’t catch any fish, it was one of the best fish-less evenings I have had in years.

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  1. Hey Chris...it was great to see you guys! Thanks for the link to MyFlies.com...
    I was a little confused with the whole Trout Dancing and Trout Slayer thing...they are two differnt beers made by two different brew pubs. Trout Slayer is still as good as it ever was!

    Hope to see you guys in the fall. s