Monday, April 27, 2009


Yesterday we hit decided to float A to 3. We hit the river around 10:30 or so, and when we started floating down, most of the fishing spots were taken. There were boats and fisherman everywhere. We managed to find a spot a good ways down. We got out of the boat to start fishing and then the weather got crappy. It started to rain and sleet and the temperature was crashing. Then the sleet stopped for a few minutes, and then started up again and the sky was getting darker. We jumped in the boat, floated the rest of the the way to 3 mile landing, and got off the river.

Thinking things would be better to fish in the afternoon, we headed up to Hardin, MT for beer and groceries. More for the beer than the groceries, but what did you expect from a group of displaced fly fisherman. The trip killed a few hours, and when we returned things had not changed much, rain, no rain, sleet, no we had some pickled herring, crackers, sliced cheese, and Bloody Marys made with Scorpion Sting hot sauce for lunch. We moved over to the living room and watched a few movies and before we knew it the sun had set and another day of fishing had passed.

Feiker and I made tacos for dinner, and the Bob's both proceeded to use large amounts of Scorpion Sting on their food, to which had some repercussion on Bob F. later on that night. So Anderson deemed Feiker a little girlie-man. Hilarious, something to be said for a guy swallowing hot lava!

This morning is overcast and chilly, with no plans made yet as to what we are doing. We have today and tomorrow left for fishing here before we head back to Minnesota.

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