Sunday, April 19, 2009

My vacation is here!

Last night myself and Bob Feiker and Bob Anderson departed St.Paul, MN at 8pm and headed straight through to the Bighorn River, MT after having barbecued burgers compliments of Sandy. The weather held out and we avoided the predicted rain. However, there was a 40 mile stretch or so of thick fog that made things interesting.

We pulled into Hardin, MT around 9:30am for a hearty breakfast and break from the road. Afterwards we hit the grocery store for supplies and to pick up an assortment of locally made beer. We forged on and arrived at the Cottonwood Camp at 11:30am, unpacked and settled in with friends we expected to be here (Rod, Thor, and Henry O.) and also to our surprise we bumped in to some other friends we didn't expect to be here (Jim Schollmeyer and Sharon of Sharon made a killer nacho appetizer, and Feiker is currently grilling up some burgers. I'm looking forward to chilling out tonight and can't wait to start chasing rainbows tomorrow!

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