Friday, April 24, 2009

The Front came through

Temp: 43 degrees
Water: 39 degrees
Weather: overcast with light winds
Flow: 3,500 cfs

The damn was opened up a little further again and we are up to 3,500 cfs. Which I think between the flows being adjusted every couple of days and the changing weather is causing our catching to be a little more challenging then years past. The front came through last night. We woke to an inch of snow with light flurries most of the morning. We had numerous cups of coffee, and headed up the Bighorn fly shop for fly tying materials.

We tied the secret flies of the we were short on over the next several hours, and then hit the river around 3pm. Reports around camp were that their was some dry fly action on river, so we armed ourselves accordingly. There were significant numbers BWO's and midge clusters , but our trout were obviously keyed in on something else as we fought hard to get their attention with very little reward. Bob F. was the only one to connect and land a brown.

Tonight, Thor is making supper with Sharon as the assistant as she is supplying desert. She did caution that it would not be near as good as the cereal bars Jenny had sent with us out here, which was a much bigger hit then I thought it would be.

Time to go warm up the toes and nose.

I just received an email from my buddy Steve that after years he got his first turkey with a bow. 18 yd shot. Head on in full strut. Weighed in at 17lbs. It was a bearded hen! CONGRATS STEVE!

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