Thursday, April 23, 2009

A cold ride from 3 mile to B

Temp: 45 degrees
Water temp: 41 degrees
Wind: 15-25 mph
Wind chill: damn cold

We ran 3 to B today and started about 10:30am. We caught some browns today and it was a nice relief to know that we still knew what we were doing. The clouds and wind and temperature drop all moved in with a front that hit us around 2pm. We fished till around 3:30pm and decided to row straight though to the end as the front was coming in so fast you could watch the mountains disappear into the clouds and snow or rain coming down on them. We exited at 6pm and headed back to camp with the heater on high.

Sharon was quick to make all of us with hot buttered rum. And it was eagerly excepted by all. I had some significant shivering going on by then and wasted no time changing clothes and taking in my first encounter of hot buttered rum...I could do those again.

Now we are munching on crackers and chatting. Tonight we the gang has made reservations at the restaurant connected to the Bighorn Fly fishing shop at 9pm. The menu will be salmon and lots of smiles. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Anderson made us all laugh so hard that Jim actually had to leave the room twice to spit out his drink we were all laughing so hard.

Reports have come in that Bozeman has been hit hard and fast with snow, and that it will hit us tonight and tomorrow. So a day of tying flies and hanging out may be the itinerary for tomorrow for most of us. Rod will be taking off early in the morning for Minnesota. So trout camp will be less one more. I am excited though as Rod has opened an invitation to me to come up and visit him later on this year.

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