Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We departed camp at 12:30pm yesterday and headed for home. The drive went smoothly, stopped for supper at Applebee's around 9pm, and arrived at Anderson's house at 4:30am. After unloading the skiff and Anderson's stuff, I headed over to Feiker's house to drop him off. I arrived at home at 5:15am, and to my surprise found that the house key I had on me was not the right one. Luckily, Jen heard me knock on the door and she even let me in.

Jen went to work, and I slept till 11am before Bailey decided it was time to snuffle my whole face and wake me up with by tickling my face with her whiskers.

I showered, unpacked, and now I am off to the Fly Angler in Fridley to bring in my 4wt rod for repair. The reel seat is loose on it and no longer is able to hold my fly real securely. This will be the second time the reel seat on this particular rod has given me difficulty.

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